Adding on to your current has become a growing trend in today housing market.  Some people have found their perfect home and simply don’t want to move.  Others find it more cost effective to simply add on their existing home than buying a completely new home and go through the stress of buying, selling and moving.

Home Additions may be costly at first, but adding on to the square footage of your home will insure increased value of your home including resale value and equity.  In many cases, you will be able to not only cover your cost in the long run, but also make money in some cases. There are many options that when to comes to home additions, the two most popular being building out and build up.

Building Out

This is an attractive option to those who own and ranch style home and want to keep the integrity and style of this house, but are in need of more square footage.  Adding extra bedrooms, additions to your garage, or an added patio and deck area to your home will increase the value of your home and quality of your family’s life.

Building Up

Adding a second story to your home is the quickest way to double the square footage of your home and in some cases, its value.  Having a good contractor, like Mike Wolfe and his team, on the job will insure the integrity and design of the home will be sustained during the entire project.  Build up will also increase the value of your home because it is now double the size of its predecessor.  This a perfect option for a growing family in need of lots extra space.


Wolfe Construction specializes in additions to your home. Mike and his team have proven quality work with:

  • Decks
  • Patios and Porches
    • A great way to expand your home on the outside. Looks great and is perfect for entertaining
  • Screened in Porches
    • Light and airy for the summer months and fall months
  • Sunrooms
    • Add glass paneling for an all season exterior
  • Garage Additions
    • Adding lots of valuable space to your home at an affordable cost.
  • Over the Garage Addition
    • An efficient way to add space for a “bonus” room

Call Today

All of these options and more are available with Mike Wolfe Construction. Call them today to discuss the custom work you want done on your home to make it the best on the block!