Wolfe Construction is well known for their superior home remodeling services, particularly around the Columbia, Mo, area. More often than not, it’s more feasible to remodel your home than to go through the hassle of purchasing a new one. With over 35 years of experience, Mike Wolfe and his crew have a proven track record of excellence in the home remodeling industry.

In today’s economy, many home owners have come to the realization that it is more economical to simply remodel and turn their current homes into their dream homes.  Many times it’s not only more cost effective to remodel your home, but home remodeling also allows you to customize every aspect of your home.

Benefits of Home Remodeling

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Improve the layout of your home to fit your lifestyle needs and function of your family.  Whether it’s knocking down that unnecessary wall to double the size of your kitchen or completely changing the layout of your home to work better for you.  With kitchens and bathrooms being the most frequented rooms in the home, they should be exactly what you want and need.  No more settling for the previous home owners taste! Isn’t it time you joined the home remodeling process?

Increase the Value of Your Home

With the home being the biggest financial investment most will ever make, get the most out of it!  Keeping up with the trends in today’s home market is important to the resale value of your home.  Home remodeling increases the value of your home, while improving the equity you already have on your home, which is very important to every homeowner.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Home maintenance costs will add up much more quickly if put off for several years.  All properties need to be maintained every few years and your house is the most important property of all.  Regular maintenance will not only cut down on repair costs in the long run, but will also keep your home updated, adding to its value.

Mike and his team are the one stop shop for all your home remodeling needs!

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Remodeling

  • Tile and Hardwood Installation
  • Cabinet and Countertop Installation
  • Paint
  • Trim work, including carpentry and customer wood work
  • Concrete Pouring
    • Including custom décor, stamp and color
Development 90%
Design 80%
Consulting 78%
Joinery 82%




Ponds & Fountains